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Timeless Motifs: Exploring Butterfly-Themed Retro Clothing

/ Post by Nina Zhao

We all know that what’s considered chic and trendy changes by the day, but certain patterns and motifs will always have a place in the world of fashion. No matter what occasion or situation you’re dressing for, there’s a way to incorporate your personal style so that you can feel confident in your appearance. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some pieces that incorporate a beautiful and mesmerizing element of nature: butterflies. These graceful creatures are seen as a symbol of metamorphosis, making them the perfect source of inspiration for fashionistas seeking to blend the old and the new. With this in mind, let’s explore the endless possibilities found at Retro Stage!

1950s Off-Shoulder Lace Butterfly Swing Dress

The off-shoulder design of this dress combined with the swing-style skirt make for a truly nostalgic ‘50s look that shows off your shoulders and highlights your curves. The rich black fabric of the bodice also contrasts wonderfully with the light and airy butterfly lace overskirt for an overall mature yet whimsical result. With the right jewelry and accessories, you can doll yourself up for anything from a dinner party to high tea with your closest friends. Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to feel like a Golden Age Hollywood starlet.

Black 1950s Butterfly Patchwork Vintage Dress

For a midday meetup with your sweetheart at that adorable little cafe in town, this dress is the way to go. Contrasting a smart black button-down bodice with a delicate lace butterfly overskirt, this piece exudes youthful femininity in a sophisticated manner that’s perfect for a coffee and dessert. Topping it all off is an optional black bow tied at the neck for that extra hint of cuteness.

Black 1950s Halter Butterfly Swimsuit

This adorable two-piece suit gives you the best of both worlds, with a bikini-like butterfly-patterned halter top and modest high-waisted black bottoms. The center detailing on the top almost gives the illusion of wearing a giant bow, while the bottoms feature gentle ruching for additional textural intrigue. A gorgeous choice for both casual days by the sea and summer blowout pool parties, this swimsuit will have you feeling like the beach babes on vintage postcards.

Black 1960s Butterfly Backless Pencil Dress

 This creative take on the little black dress is bound to turn some heads. The body-hugging pencil construction and raised collar draw attention to your figure and form a fantastic contrast with the sultry butterfly lace back panel. Break out this piece for a cocktail party or other upscale get-together where it’s appropriate to strike a balance between refinement and sensuality.

1930s Butterfly Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are such a versatile garment type depending on how you style them! The 1930s Butterfly Jumpsuits feature butterfly lace bodice, high waist, and deep black pant legs, adding a touch of vintage charm. Paired with pumps and some tasteful jewelry, it's perfect for a night at the theater or a sophisticated evening gathering. You can opt for either the 1930s Butterfly Button Patchwork Jumpsuit or the 1930s One-Shoulder Lace Butterfly Jumpsuit.

1960s Butterflies Strap One-Piece Swimsuit & Cover-Up Skirt

Picture yourself reclining in a beach chair while a gentle breeze causes the palm trees to sway softly in silhouette against the sunset, casting shadows on the warm sand. On an evening like this, the right swimsuit might just catch the eye of a handsome stranger and mark the beginning of your happily ever after. This piece is patterned with a menagerie of butterflies in all different colors, which contrasts well with its daring open-back construction. The matching mesh overskirt adds a whole new layer of glamor with its gathered asymmetrical design, so you can feel your best while walking to and from the beach.

Nude 1950s Lace Butterfly Swing Vintage Dress

With its butterfly lace overlay and bold black waist bow, this dress would be ideal for a nice birthday party or celebration dinner. The pale nude fabric base is the perfect backdrop for the black highlights and looks good on a variety of skin tones. Additionally, the V-neckline gives you plenty of room to accessorize with your favorite necklace or choker.

Light Pink Butterfly Strap Lace-Up Vintage Dress

Made of enchanting, lightweight pale pink fabric and adorned with a whole swarm of butterflies, this dress absolutely screams garden party! Spaghetti straps and a low back design make this a gorgeous addition to your summer wardrobe, and it even has a ribbon around the waist that ties into a bow to gently accentuate your curves. If you need something flowy and comfortable to wear on a sunny day, you’ll want to try this one out.

Apricot 1950s Butterfly Mesh Lace-Up Swimsuit

This lovely suit seems like it’s on the simpler side at first glance with its beige coloring and brown butterfly pattern, but the tiny heart accent and high-waisted laced bottoms add a ton of personality and set it apart from standard bikinis. Understated yet ultra-stylish, this swimsuit is a wonderful choice for relaxing at a pool party with your friends.


While trends may come and go, rest assured that certain things never truly go out of style. Now that you’ve seen just how versatile the butterfly motif can be, you can explore even more of Retro Stage’s butterfly-themed designs and pick out your favorite pieces that incorporate this element. Summer is almost here, so there’s no better time to give your wardrobe a little update with some standout vintage-inspired styles. We hope you have an awesome time expressing yourself and finding your voice through the art of fashion!