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From the cheerful 20s, straight cut, sequined and fringed dresses, to the characteristic accessories of the 50s and the small skirts of the 60s, today's retro style once again shines in the "street style" of Paris.

For many years, the RETRO STAGE brand has been proposing an interesting rescue of the past.

The dressing options for each season are endless, whether in terms of style, color and texture.
It is for this reason that under the motto of "beauty that never fades", the Paris-based brand Retro Stage is gaining more and more followers who dare to pay tribute to different aesthetics.

The 1920s are always an important source of inspiration.

Paris retro style
When we talk about "Parisian style", the first thing that appears in the collective imagination is a wardrobe full of basic and durable clothing. However, the image of a French woman may be surrounded by myths and legends, and sometimes needs to be distinguished in daily life.
In the past few years, the boundary between the latest fashion and retro has almost disappeared due to the desire to mix the old and the new and merge the new styles.

Colors and accessories, two key elements, can remind you of a retro and stylish look.

Since 2017, the reason why the Retro Stage brand has resonated among French women is precisely because of its "stage" concept, a stage and bridge that connects the past and the modern. It does not mean that you wear retro trends from head to toe, but integrate Some works have achieved a unique style.

Ideas for remodeling the wardrobe

Here are five "retro stage" tips that can combine retro style and look cool today:
1. Little by little: Desire to wear personalized or different products, so that the new generation will pay more attention to retro style. However, it should be noted that the adaptation of this kind of clothes is not from day to day, but requires a little bit of gradual integration in order to be truly comfortable.
2. Dress according to your style: you need to maintain continuity in every wardrobe. Most importantly, lifestyle, taste, and preferences motivate us to follow our premonitions about looking good or not. Therefore, this way you will not fall into the temptation to buy for the sake of buying.

Consistency and your own style are two ideals that will always be remembered.

3. According to mood: The same type of clothes is not always worn day after day. Choosing your favorite decade (20, 50, 60) depends not only on the occasion, but also on what the hunch of the day tells us: sexy? elegant? classical?
4. Accessories yourself: Maybe retro style is not your clothes, but retro accessories, such as necklaces, hats, gloves, belts or fashionable shoes, can be "everything" Allure' (charm) needed for "avoir de l".
5. The best choice for each era: know how to choose the most suitable clothing for your body, more suitable for your personality. Each decade marks the changes before and after fashion, and women recognize these changes and become part of the new challenges. When is the best time to recognize you?

Article Source:Maria Claire